Well, everyone has a rating System, so here is my Go Score Rating Explained. Most of my recommendations will be in the higher ranking, but I am not everyone so I’ll review them as I go to them.

10: This is a MUST. There is no reason to big not to visit the place. Even on 1 day trips, you should try your best to visit.

9: Also a MUST, but might be hard on a short visit.

8: Want to Visit every time you come to Portland, but only because you love it that much.

7: Everyone Else is doing it: Nuff Said

6: I live here, so if I haven’t been there, then how can I say I live here.

6: Once in a blue moon, I go but only once in a blue moon.

4: Saw it, So I did it… It was a good idea at least

3: Meh – That was so forgettable

2: Do I have to? I only come here because I have to.

1: I go to remember not to go there. Think McDonalds.

0: Well, I don’t want to list negative things about a place, but you get the point. Don’t waste your time, unfortunately I did.