PokPok – The Best Food in Portland

Go Score 10: This is a MUST.

If you get nothing else from this website, PokPok is a MUST. PokPok is by far my number one recommendation for Portland. No matter if you live here or are just visiting, or if you ate there last week, PokPok is a MUST.


PokPok has many locations, but I would recommend the PokPok on Division because it’s the original location, and central to a couple other Portland greats.

Amalfi’s – An Italian Restaurant

Go Score #: 6

More about Amalfi’s

I found Amalfi’s when I was driving down Fremont on a early Saturday afternoon. As I passed Freemont and 47th, I got a whiff of something amazing. So I looked back around and there was Amalfi’s!

The next day, I packed up my wife and we went for lunch. What a great find. The Italian eatery had the right amount of charm and space. It was a great place for an intimate dinner, but a glimpse of Italian charm remaining.

We had the meatballs and mozzarella for an appetizer, followed up with a carbonara dish and lasagna. Each dish was the right blend of meaty and cheesiness topped off with a little bit of crispy cheese.

Dinner is finished with a healthy portion of spunk I ice cream.


4703 NE Fremont Street
Portland, OR 97213