Capturing a Vertical

I’ve recently found a great opportunity to capture.  It’s minimal effort, and what effort there is, I am already doing it.  It was not something previously done, and when I discovered this, I thought to myself…  “Really, no one’s done this already”.

And so my vertical was born.  It was the right mixture of ease, overlap, and an “Oh-Duh” moment.

I live near a smaller lake in a major metro area of the country, and to my surprise had registered  I had the idea to check it out because I was interested in knowing what fishing lures and tactics were working for others out there.

$13.50 and a month later, I’ve registered the domain, and am hosting content to it.  I’ve taken some one take wonders on my cell phone and posted them to the website.  Or taken some great sunset pictures over the lake.

Just like that, something that seemed so obvious that it should have already been done, but the vertical opportunity of capturing the niche audience was mine.  No to my suprise, no advertising, no listing onto Google Search, and users are coming to the site because it is generally the first place you’d look.

If you’ve got a vertical that you would like to discover, let’s chat!  Or register the domain, and put content on the website!  Soon, your page views will support a healthy Adsense campaign, and maybe you’ll earn some coin for capturing the obvious.

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