Projects and Contributions

From time to time a new project is acquired or completed.  Each project is possess unique challenges, and needs.  Some require creative solutions to a technical process, or requires a creative marketing or design effort.

Here are some of our accomplishments, and ongoing projects.


LaCie is a manufacturer of storage peripherals and monitors. LaCie peripherals are complementary extensions to existing CPUs, workstations and servers. LaCie designs, assembles, and markets its storage solutions mainly to professionals and businesses, in particular multimedia professionals like digital content creators. A majority of LaCie sales are through specialized I.T. retailers.

Projects at LaCie include: ERP Rollover to SAP, Oracle R12 || Sales Tax for Custom developed eCommerce || Aftersales Applications || Intranet Applications || PCI Compliance || DC Physical Move || Server, Software, and Network Archictecture

Responsibilities: “Lead Web Developer” requires me to work with a worldwide team, oversee the smooth running of web-environments, ERP communications, data integrity and architecture, and standards.

Altrinsic Solutions

Altrinsic Solutions offers fully automated hardware independent image deployment and migration solutions seamlessly integrated with today’s top system management frameworks.  Altrinsic’s technology reduces the workload and time required to achieve and maintain an enterprise wide Hardware Independent Deployment and Migration capability by up to 95%.

As acting Director of Web Technologies, I provide direction to all web related applications and execute the plans for deployment.   Projects have included new Social, and Value Add Applications to the Altrinsic product Family.  I also consult for new technologies produced by Altrinsic Solutions.

EDU Fund and

In Arizona, the state has made it possible to make private education free.  It requires knowledge of tax breaks, and fundraising.  We have created a program that enables Parents to raise money for their children through a tax credit that others can contribute $2000.00 a year to their children.

Downtown Corvallis

The Downtown Corvallis Association (DCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to continued preservation and enhancement of Downtown Corvallis as the heart of the Greater Corvallis community. The DCA works to maintain Downtown as the center of commerce, government, culture and leisure. The Downtown Corvallis Association supports the overall vibrancy of Downtown through business assistance, public advocacy, political involvement, and community events that enhance the Downtown Corvallis experience for residents and visitors.

 Core Solutions Inc

Core Solutions, Inc. is a manufacturer of corrugated Dunnage products to aid in the prevention of transit damage.

Abolition Conference Project

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