We operate at a high level.  We’re all complex beings.  We do complex things, and therefore we disregard the basics.  We disregard them for our own selves, and we curb them as to not offend anyone.

Common courtesy should be the opposite, we should often re-evaluate what we think we know.  The brain is a curious thing, and when things become second nature, we throw caution to the wind.

Recently, I went snowboarding, and crashed a few times.  Those in my party related it to being to comfortable, and letting my guard down.  I am not sure I subscribe to that idea for my recent failures, but it is exactly what I needed to hear.  Get back to basics, and those failures won’t occur.

This is easy to understand with such a physical process, but it is much more hard to determine how others are relating to what I am telling or expressing to them.  In teaching, we must remember to go back to the basics, and grow from a seed, and not from a perceived understanding.

Recent topics for basic understanding and development for me are:

Defining Spiritual, Leadership…

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