Move to Mac

Hey, So a while back I spoke to using PixelMator for a cheep alternative to Photoshop on a Mac.  And I’ll confirm, that it’s a great solution.  So far, it does all of everything that I need it to do.

Today, I wanted to expand on my Windows to Mac experience.  Now that I am with Mac for a couple months now I am really loving the experience.  I can summarize in this way, simple.  My existence on a Windows box was easily 250GB of content.  Just to operate and perform my core functions with a computer.  No wonder after a couple months my world slowly comes to a standstill.

On the Mac, I live in a 40GB bubble.  I don’t quite know exactly it works this way, except that Windows is nothing but bloated.  On my Mac, I have the apps I use, and it seems just a very slim layer under it to make it run.

Today’s a simple post, It’s just about time to leave the coffee shop.

Leaving the Windows World for Mac

Well, if I hadn’t been ordered to purchase  a Mac, I don’t know that I would have.  But I did, and being a specialized Windows Web Developer, I couldn’t stomach to purchase DreamWeaver and Photoshop again.  So, with the help of some “Mac” friends I have found the following tools…

PixelMator –  and as a  developer, the most important tool I used into photoshop was “Copy Merged”.  This would take everything visible into my selection, and copy it to the clipboard.  Well, I think PixelMator may have one upped this feature.

This is the slice tool, kinda wicked cool feature.  This alone made me buy PixelMator.