Move to Mac

Hey, So a while back I spoke to using PixelMator for a cheep alternative to Photoshop on a Mac.  And I’ll confirm, that it’s a great solution.  So far, it does all of everything that I need it to do.

Today, I wanted to expand on my Windows to Mac experience.  Now that I am with Mac for a couple months now I am really loving the experience.  I can summarize in this way, simple.  My existence on a Windows box was easily 250GB of content.  Just to operate and perform my core functions with a computer.  No wonder after a couple months my world slowly comes to a standstill.

On the Mac, I live in a 40GB bubble.  I don’t quite know exactly it works this way, except that Windows is nothing but bloated.  On my Mac, I have the apps I use, and it seems just a very slim layer under it to make it run.

Today’s a simple post, It’s just about time to leave the coffee shop.

Leaving the Windows World for Mac

Well, if I hadn’t been ordered to purchase  a Mac, I don’t know that I would have.  But I did, and being a specialized Windows Web Developer, I couldn’t stomach to purchase DreamWeaver and Photoshop again.  So, with the help of some “Mac” friends I have found the following tools…

PixelMator –  and as a  developer, the most important tool I used into photoshop was “Copy Merged”.  This would take everything visible into my selection, and copy it to the clipboard.  Well, I think PixelMator may have one upped this feature.

This is the slice tool, kinda wicked cool feature.  This alone made me buy PixelMator.

Communicating About a Webpage

Whenever communicating, it is always best to be as clear as possible.  This is especially true when it comes to discussing something on a webpage.  Here is what make communication especially clear.

  • URL: The url of the page is exact, and is much better that “The page for existential communication on the website”
  • Screenshot: Provide a screenshot of the page you’re discussing, and if possible even highlight or circle exactly what you’re wanting to discuss!
  • Discussion: There should be two points discussed, “How it is NOW” and “How it SHOULD be”.

If you can provide all these points, communication will be faster, and easier to take action on.  Here is an example below!


sampleProblem: Your code does not fully include complete JS Standards

Solution: place a semicolon (;) at the end of the line


Counting More than One Criteria

Recently I needed to count the instances of communications that were recorded to a DB between the lefties, and the righties.  The conversation was over 100 responses long in one conversation, and a simple SQL Count showed me that.  But I wanted a little more detail.

select count(*) as TotalCount from THREADS where conversation_id = ‘123’

TotalCount = 100

I wanted to know who had more input to the conversation, but needed to know a simple query to determine the author of the thread counts in one simple query.  I found a rather simple solution to this topic!

count (case when user = ‘lefties’ then 1 end) as LeftiesCount,
count (case when user = ‘righties’ then 1 end) as RightiesCount
from THREADS where conversation_id = ‘123’

LeftiesCount = 63
RightiesCount = 37

With the case we say, user = lefties/righties add 1 to the count.  We have counts for the threads and the two cases.

Capturing a Vertical

I’ve recently found a great opportunity to capture.  It’s minimal effort, and what effort there is, I am already doing it.  It was not something previously done, and when I discovered this, I thought to myself…  “Really, no one’s done this already”.

And so my vertical was born.  It was the right mixture of ease, overlap, and an “Oh-Duh” moment.

I live near a smaller lake in a major metro area of the country, and to my surprise had registered  I had the idea to check it out because I was interested in knowing what fishing lures and tactics were working for others out there.

$13.50 and a month later, I’ve registered the domain, and am hosting content to it.  I’ve taken some one take wonders on my cell phone and posted them to the website.  Or taken some great sunset pictures over the lake.

Just like that, something that seemed so obvious that it should have already been done, but the vertical opportunity of capturing the niche audience was mine.  No to my suprise, no advertising, no listing onto Google Search, and users are coming to the site because it is generally the first place you’d look.

If you’ve got a vertical that you would like to discover, let’s chat!  Or register the domain, and put content on the website!  Soon, your page views will support a healthy Adsense campaign, and maybe you’ll earn some coin for capturing the obvious.


We operate at a high level.  We’re all complex beings.  We do complex things, and therefore we disregard the basics.  We disregard them for our own selves, and we curb them as to not offend anyone.

Common courtesy should be the opposite, we should often re-evaluate what we think we know.  The brain is a curious thing, and when things become second nature, we throw caution to the wind.

Recently, I went snowboarding, and crashed a few times.  Those in my party related it to being to comfortable, and letting my guard down.  I am not sure I subscribe to that idea for my recent failures, but it is exactly what I needed to hear.  Get back to basics, and those failures won’t occur.

This is easy to understand with such a physical process, but it is much more hard to determine how others are relating to what I am telling or expressing to them.  In teaching, we must remember to go back to the basics, and grow from a seed, and not from a perceived understanding.

Recent topics for basic understanding and development for me are:

Defining Spiritual, Leadership…

Simple form Validation for “All Emails”

Here is a simple way to validate all email inputs on a page a valid format.  You’ll want to check this with your Form’s On submit

        var OverRide = false;

        function setOverRide(){
            OverRide = true;

        function isValidEmail(Value){
            var emailPattern = /^(([^<>()[\]\\.,;:\s@\"]+(\.[^<>()[\]\\.,;:\s@\"]+)*)|(\ ".+\"))@((\[[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\])|(([a-zA -Z\-0-9]+\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,}))$/;
            return     emailPattern.test(Value);

        function CheckEmails(){

            if (OverRide)
                return true;

            returnVal = true;
            $('.requiresEmail').each(    function () {
                if (!isValidEmail($(this).val())){
                    $(this).css('background-color', '#f1c7c4');
                    returnVal = false;
                } else
                    $(this).css('background-color', '#fff');

            return returnVal;    


You’ll need to set your email inputs with the class requiresEmail

<input type="text" class="requiredEmail" name="email" id="email">

And check your form this way:

<form name="checkoutInformation" action="/destination" method="post" onsubmit="return CheckEmails();">

Clearing HTML Tags from a String Variable

How to remove HTML TAG-LIKE content from your strings…

Suppose you have content submitted from your client to the server, and you want to brute force scrub it out…  It’s simple with the following code:

  • ColdFusion In CFSCRIPT
    variables.TaglessString = REReplace(trim(variables.TaggedString),']*>','','all')
  • PHP –
    string strip_tags ( string $str [, string $allowable_tags ] )
  • Javascript / AKA JQUERY

Send me more web languages languages, and I’ll surely post it here.

Internet Sales Tax

Welcome to America Everyone!

Time to break out the taxes again.  It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to tax your customers for online orders not in the states of Oregon or Delaware.  If you don’t start thinking about it now, you’re going to come under some heft taxes you’ll have to pay out of pocket…

Now, I don’t care to talk about if it’s right or wrong, or it’s just how we’ve always done it or not, I’d prefer to talk about a tax reform.  Let’s drop all the silly rules on taxes, and just go with a flat tax.  Let’s drop the income tax, the property tax, etc, and just do sales tax.

It seems funny I know, but if we do a flat / only sales tax then we tax everyone, including the drug dealers, and smugglers…  We should all have to pay taxes, not just some of us.

So yes, taxes on internet sales would be included…  But Let’s DROP the complex tax rules and go with something simple, a flat tax.  Did you know that in California you have to tax at the county level for where you SHIP your product to?  And did you know that a product might be taxed in one state, but not another?

To manage all of this, you have to buy an expensive tax management system and configure your products into it.  It’s pretty complex solution.  Summer 2011 my employer had to implement for the US.

I work for an international company, and as an US Minded person, VAT is a difficult concept to understand, but after learning about all the different tax rates in the US, I’d go for the European FLAT tax rates!